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Mitzi MacDonald and Keltic Reign

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Keltic Reign CD

Farewell to Nova Scotia
Lasses and Sails Medley
Untill Next Time
Cape Breton Dreams


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Mitzi MacDonald and Keltic Reign

Mitzi says “The neatest thing about Keltic Reign is the evolution of the band. My kids cut their teeth listening to us play…and now they are playing.” …and it’s true, this has been a house filled with Celtic music for many, many years. So which Keltic Reign are we talking about? …well, it is a blend now, for sure.

The original band started out back in 2000, and performed at countless concerts and events, most notably The Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, numerous shows at The Sheldon Concert Hall, Twilight Tuesday at the History Museum, and multiple appearances at First Night in Grand Center.

Keltic Reign’s music was, and still is, a blend of Irish/Scottish/Canadian East Coast Music, all performed with a driving force that keeps crowds interested, with hands clapping along.

Mitzi’s original songs are woven in between all this traditional music, and it makes for a great show, often with a story that people can relate to. What is even more heartwarming now is, here is a family playing great music together, and people love that! So…we have Mitzi, her children, her husband Joe, who is the all-important soundman…and from the original band, Mitzi’s sister-inlaw Anna Allen on Fiddle, Randy Getz on Accordion/Bodhran/and Keys, Michael Levine on guitar, and Rob Silverman on drums. Mitzi’s children are: Andrew 18, playing the Bass, and Acoustic Guitar, Holly 13, playing Fiddle, Mandolin, and Whistle, Ashby 10, playing Accordion, Bodhran, and Whistle, Both girls Irish Dance, and everyone sings.

March of 2008 was their true debut as the family band, on stage at the Dubliner Pub to a packed house and a cheering crowd. Since then they have been playing regularly at area wine bars, cafes, theaters, and churches, building up a following.

2009 marked Keltic Reign’s fifth charity concert and toy drive at the Sheldon Concert Hall called“Christmas in the Kitchen,” one of St. Louis’ favorite holiday shows known for its lively audience participation.

One thing for sure is, Keltic Reign has made it’s mark here in St. Louis, and they look forward to the next generation cutting it’s teeth on their music as well.

For booking information contact:
Mitzi MacDonald: 314-602-5634; email