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  Music By Mitzi MacDonald


Higher Ground  

Higher Ground is the album Mitzi always wanted to make… played on a grand piano, accompanied by Mike Levine on Guitar, and Anna Allen on violin, it is a beautiful presentation of her songwriting that has spanned the last 10 years. (Her last solo album was recorded in 2000)

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Lassoed By The Wind
Little Ol' Me
Beautiful People
Higher Ground  (Complete Song)
It Has No End  (Complete Song)
The Calling
God's Pilot Light
Ride The Waves
Ready To Fly
I Believe
All Over Again
Living InThe Spirit
I Am Love
Keltic Reign  

Live the Dance, Keltic Reign’s music was, and still is, a blend of Irish/Scottish/Canadian East Coast Music, all performed with a driving force that keeps crowds interested, with hands clapping along. ...(read more).

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  Farewell To Nova Scotia
    Lasses and Sails Medley
    Untill Next Time
    Cape Breton Dreams
Christmas In The Kitchen  

Christmas in The Kitchen, In Cape Breton, where I come from, and also in places like Ireland, and Scotland, ALOT goes on in that little kitchen beside makin' dinner (which, by the way, is served at lunchtime). Friends and family members gather in these little kitchen,....(read more)

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  Christmas Time Always brings me Home
    Santa Played the Fiddle
    Childrens Winter
Here I Am  

Here I Am, These songs are about life and death, living life to it's fullest and seeing the beauty in it all. I bare my soul on this album, and sing about things I'm deeply feeling. I also pay tribute to my roots with 'Ode to Cape Breton', and 'Donald and Angus' is about my Scottish heritage....(read more)

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    Here I Am
      Living In Love
      Clear Sky
      Don't Be Afraid
      Seize The Day
      Thank the Holy Spirit
      Affirmation of Life
      Ode To Cape Breton
      Donald and Angus
      The Way
      Where are you?
      There Is A Season
      Lost In the Wonder
Shelter For My Soul  

A Shelter For My Soul

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