Mitzi MacDonald and Keltic Reign

Mitzi says “The neatest thing about Keltic Reign is the evolution of the band. My kids cut their teeth listening to us play…and now they are playing.” …and it’s true, this has been a house filled with Celtic music for many, many years. So which Keltic Reign are we talking about? …well, it is a blend now, for sure. 

The original band started out back in 2000, and performed at countless concerts and events, most notably The Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, numerous shows at The Sheldon Concert Hall, Twilight Tuesday at the History Museum, and multiple appearances at First Night in Grand Center. The band has been doing their show Christmas in the Kitchen, which has become a major charity fundraiser for children at the Sheldon for 15 years, as well as the past 2 years, being broadcast from their home. They have performed numerous sold out shows at the Focal Point Theater in Maplewood, and are a crowd favorite, for years at the MO Irish Festival in St. Charles, and the Scottish Games. 

Keltic Reign’s music was, and still is, a blend of Irish/Scottish/Canadian East Coast Music, and original songs. They are all played with a menagerie of instruments; traditional and otherwise- The band uses two accordions, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, electric piano, Irish tin whistle, electric bass, synthesizer, and drums. It’s definitely ‘Keltic with a kick’! Well, most of the time. There are also some really beautiful ballads and instrumental pieces to be heard, as well. One thing’s for sure – this band loves to perform and entertain audiences and it shows! Mitzi’s two daughters, Holly and Ashby are world class musicians, and having them center stage is a definite treat for everyone, on and off stage! 

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It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a past Keltic Reign musician – Carl Hasse. 

Carl played with us for many years, and was with us from the beginning of the band forming back in 2000. He was a great musician, poem and song writer. Most importantly, he was a great person and friend to us all. Godspeed Carl. We know you would have something deep yet light-heartedly funny to say right now to us all about this. I can still hear your voice and laughter.

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